The Iranian national science foundation approved the support of international registration of 10 Iranian inventions during the September meeting.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, intellectual property rights is one of the infrastructures that can guarantee economic and technological success and act as a factor involved in the flourishing of creative thoughts of mankind and development of research in the area of science and technology. Given the importance of topic of the working group of invention registration, the delivered requests are evaluated by the Iranian national science foundation every month. In the final meeting of the working group, 20 requests were evaluated, from which 10 inventions were confirmed for support. These inventions are in areas of basic sciences, mechanics, electricity and telecommunication, chemistry, environment, energy and agriculture.


Registration of an invention is an important process. After registration of research achievements, researchers and inventors can directly turn these technologies into products to present to the market or sell the operating privilege of invention to other companies through technology transfer contracts to compensate for the research costs and achieve a significant interest.

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